Frugal Valentine’s Day ideas

 In two days January will be over. Wasn’t it just Christmas? Seriously, it seems like we just took the tree down.  January flew by this year as it always does for my family in a frenzy of flurried snow days at home with my kiddos, Bible studies, and downhill skiing. While I purposely do not…… Continue reading Frugal Valentine’s Day ideas

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Peace and quiet!?!

Nobody tells you that once you become a mother you lose all sense of privacy and noise becomes part of the equation, the more children you have the potential for more noise increases.  My hearing has been dulled. What did you just say?  I cannot hear you! No, seriously I cannot hear you its too…… Continue reading Peace and quiet!?!


A few reasons why I may be considered a mean mom…..

I tell my children “no” frequently. I say no to playing on electronics, grabbing junk food, and staying up late. What I have gotten in return are children that play outside, enjoying eating fruit, and are well rested in the morning. I send them to school when they say they are ‘sick’.  Yeah, I know…… Continue reading A few reasons why I may be considered a mean mom…..

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Grief Diaries

Before the loss of my son, I would have never considered myself an author. Sure, I enjoyed writing, but never once considered myself an author.  I have been journaling since I was thirteen years old. For twenty eight years I have documented my life in words. It is through my words I have been free…… Continue reading Grief Diaries

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I Will Carry You

“There were photographs I wanted to take. Things I wanted to show you Sing sweet lullabies, wipe your teary eyes Who could love you like this? People say that I am brave but I’m not But there’s a greater story Written long before me Because He loves you like this”  (Selah, I Will Carry You)…… Continue reading I Will Carry You