The funniest things

Being a mother to six children has presented itself with many opportunities for various emotions over the years.  We have had our share of angry outbursts, sad days, joyful moments, over-the-top excitement, and frustration to last a lifetime.  However, one action in particular is my favorite and that is laughter.

Children are naturally inquisitive and that can be very entertaining. If I could look back at pictures of my children through the years I can laugh at faces covered in powdered sugar because they wanted to taste it. Or I can giggle as I remember my son running naked and jumping on the trampoline outside to wave good-bye to his sisters wearing only his red rain boots.

I remember my oldest daughter when she was six years old at Christmas time asking where those “hookers” were that she needed.  It took my husband and myself a moment to realize she was asking for hooks for the decorations to put upon the tree.  Oh my,  did we laugh for she had no idea what she had just said.

One time when my son was three years old and was supposed to be taking a nap. I went into his bedroom to check on him and he was sitting in bed with a box of juice boxes.  Next to him were four empty juice pouches.  He was working on the fifth one when I found him. He was not even surprised that I found him, but was upset when I took them from him.  While I was not happy at that moment, I did have a good chuckle later.

Me being the control freak that I am have had to learn to let a lot of things go, especially when it comes to my children.  The inside out and backwards shirt that I did not notice on my daughter until  the middle of church service.  The chronically untied shoes of my son.  Or the fact he wears his underwear backwards on daily basis.  Or my two year old daughter who sleeps with six giraffes, one cow, one zebra, one cat, one donkey, one seal, one dolphin, four books, one pig, a hot wheels car, and a few other odds-n-ends, and that is just from today’s nap. In my son’s bed I have found a hammer, numerous hot wheels cars, his stuffed pig, a stapler, cd player, and  a water bottle. Then my other daughter prefers to sleep with the same three bears, her pillows arranged a certain way, and the blankets put on in the same order. Each child is different and even though they do not have any intention of being humorous, my husband and I share laughs over their antics frequently.

Six children. Six different personalities.  And at times it is a whole lot of personality. Six different reactions to situations and events that occur in our lives in this small town. We are blessed to have these opportunities as parents to find the humor at different times. Its not always easy being a parent of six children, but God has provided us the gift of laughter. These stories are embedded in my memory, stored away in my life files of my children, and some day I can pass these stories on.  Thankfully, I also started writing them down years ago, too.  Little quips here and there written in their journals for them to have some day.  (Each of my children have a journal in which only I write and share my feelings, stories, prayers, and much more.)

What about you, do you journal? How do you keep memories of your children fresh so you do not forget?  What have your children done today that has made you laugh?  Allow me to encourage you to find the funny side to each situation, even if its not humorous at the moment.


2 thoughts on “The funniest things

  1. children can be really funny sometimes i cant say i know what its like personally but my friends kids are hilarious. check out hip hop popes podcast on our blog when you get the chance!


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