A few reasons why I may be considered a mean mom…..

  1. I tell my children “no” frequently. I say no to playing on electronics, grabbing junk food, and staying up late. What I have gotten in return are children that play outside, enjoying eating fruit, and are well rested in the morning.
  2. I send them to school when they say they are ‘sick’.  Yeah, I know to keep them home if they are truly sick with a fever, vomiting, and/or runny stools. We take school seriously around these parts.My children know that school is their job, thus a responsibility to take seriously.
  3. They do chores and at times lots of them.  They may not always like it or do it willingly, heck sometimes their attitude is not the greatest, but they do chores. They are learning real life, how to serve others, and work for what you want.  We’re working on the good attitude part.
  4. I make them read. Enough said.
  5. I make them all play together. Not all the time, but when they are fighting and bored, this is usually my answer “go play with each other”.  Typically, they get over being bored and end up having the best of times.  When I send them outside they are forced to be creative and use their imaginations with each other.
  6. My older children help with the younger children. They have given baths, read books, rocked the babies, and baby sat them.  I am careful not to take advantage of this, but used carefully I have seen my children develop some really strong bonds with each other.  IMG_0718.JPG

Of course, this post was meant to be funny with hints of sarcasm scattered throughout.  My children are not perfect but they certainly are learning you always don’t get what you want either.  I have learned a lot about myself, too, on this journey of parenthood.


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