Songs for grieving, Music for the soul

While I am not musically gifted in any sense of the word, I do turn to music to soothe my soul. Music allows me to praise and worship God. I listen to uplifting music on my sad days and upbeat music on my happier days. There are certain types of music I listen to when…… Continue reading Songs for grieving, Music for the soul

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Random frugal tips

 I keep scraps of paper for writing shopping lists, chore lists, or little notes for my children’s lunches.  Envelopes that come in the mail and my kids school work after its been returned are two examples of where I get my scrap paper.   I have a friend and she gives me a pile of…… Continue reading Random frugal tips

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Roller coaster of grief

Four years ago this month my husband and I were dealing with the news that our unborn son was going to die. We were the given the diagnosis that our child was deemed incompatible with life. No chance of survival at one. None.  Read here for more…. We had gone from overwhelming excitement at expecting…… Continue reading Roller coaster of grief