Songs for grieving, Music for the soul

While I am not musically gifted in any sense of the word, I do turn to music to soothe my soul. Music allows me to praise and worship God. I listen to uplifting music on my sad days and upbeat music on my happier days. There are certain types of music I listen to when I am working out versus driving with my children to a doctor’s appointment.  There is always music on at our house, so it seemed only natural when we were grieving that I turned to music. Each song speaks to me a different way. Its my go-to when I cannot form the words to say, but yet it speaks directly from my heart. I have included a list of songs that have provided comfort to me before and after the loss of my child.  May it provide comfort to you and be a blessing, also.

  1.  Precious Child, by Karen Taylor Good. Song here…
  2. Held, by Natalie Grant.   song here…..
  3. Blessings, by Laura Story.   song here…..
  4. With Hope, by Steven Curtis Chapman.     song here….
  5. Heaven is the face, by Steven Curtis Chapman….song here….
  6. I will rise, by Chris Tomlin. song here…
  7. Amazing Grace (my chains are gone), by Chris Tomlin.  song here….

God’s blessings and I hope you all have a great day….



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