Hope and joy


By nature I am not a happy-go-lucky person.  At times I can be a rather pessimistic gal, with a mixture of cynicism and sarcasm it makes for interesting thoughts in my head at times.  However, I am never without joy or hope.  Joy is not happiness. Happiness is fleeting, a positive response or feeling to something you like or to something good that happened. Happiness is temporary. Joy is an attitude of the heart, with more of an eternal perspective.  Happiness is for the here and now. Joy is focused on everlasting.  For example, eating popsicles on the front porch with my children makes me happy, but my joy comes from the Lord.

Having joy allows me to have hope. Hope that my sins have been forgiven.  Hope that God’s grace is sufficient for me. My hope is in Christ. In Christ alone.

Listen to this song by Travis Cottrel called In Christ Alone. Uplifting and inspirational.







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