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Spring into cleaning! Tried and true products to stock up on.


Dark winter days got you down? Have the sunless days of winter zapped you of your motivation?  I know here in northern Michigan, we have had no more than five sunny days since Christmas.  Its been a tad depressing for sure. However, we are on a mid-winter thaw for the next few days and today the sun is shining.

I love to clean, especially when the sun is shining in through my windows. It sparks some motivation in me to get going.  I know a few weeks ago I did a review on La’s Totally Awesome as a cleaning product.  I am frugal and I need to be thrifty with my cleaning products, too. So if I can find a product that can multitask, then it’s a win-win for me.

Below I will provide a list of products that I have been using since the beginning of my marriage seventeen years ago. These products combined with some elbow grease will leave your house smelling and looking great just in time for spring.

  1. Murphy’s Oil Soap: $3.48/bottle It has been around for years. The smell is fantastic. Read the label for its many great uses.
  2. Dawn Dish detergent: $3.00/bottle  Greatest soap ever. Many uses, also extremely versatile and safe.
  3. Bleach: $2.50/bottle. Laundry, household uses such as bathroom and kitchen, outdoor furniture.
  4. Vinegar:  $2.50/bottle.  Versatile, non toxic, very effective natural cleaner, can be used practically anywhere.
  5. La’s Totally Awesome: $1.00/bottle. See previous review here:
  6. Window cleaner: $1.00/bottle,  ammonia free, generic is great, extremely versatile. Do you can remove stains from your carpet with window cleaner? Or spray and wipe your wood floors for a great shine?  And some more great uses such as insect repellent, jewelry cleaner,  degreaser, clean your children’s toys, counter top cleaner, tile floor cleaner, whiteboard eraser, appliances, kitty litter boxes, phones, crystal, and the list goes on.


My spring cleaning will begin in a few weeks. I like to have it done before the last of the snow melts away, so I can be outside enjoying spring weather.




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