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Sunday morning musings: Chocolate makes it all better

I was up before the sun. My entire family was still sleeping. Even though I was tired I was able to get a ham and turkey cooking. I was able to make some lasagna for the church potluck. The fruits and veggies are cut and ready to serve for the potluck.  Since I had time I decided to make chocolate chip muffins for breakfast.  I have learned that my children do not run to the kitchen for breakfast, but for something hot melt-in-your mouth chocolatey goodness they will race to the kitchen.  Mission accomplished. Kids out bed, beds made, and dressed for church before breakfast in less than ten minutes.

We have two potlucks today. One at church and one this afternoon for an end of the year ski season class my children have been taking.  Two meals not at home, but two meals we will be able to get together with others. Fun!  My peeps enjoy these kind of days. As much as we like to be home, we also enjoy socializing.

I am thinking I need to be keenly aware of what I am putting in my mouth today. Healthy choices are a must. Water bottle is filled. Workout clothes ready for later this afternoon. Bible is ready for church.  Crock pots and dishes are lined up on the counter ready to go.

Have a great day ya’ll!


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