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Mama-take a break! You deserve it!

Beep. Beep. Beep. 3:40 my husband’s alarm went off Its spring break here. My kids were all sleeping. Silence. Solitude. I knew I would have at least three hours before my kids woke up for the day. Instead of falling back asleep I took full advantage of the quiet time.  My body was aching for…… Continue reading Mama-take a break! You deserve it!

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How to help bereaved parents

Grief is uncomfortable.  It is awkward when you do not know what to say. Below is a list to guide you on things you should and should not say to a bereaved parent.   Please do not tell a bereaved parent: Don’t say “heaven has gained another angel.” That does not help. Don’t say “at…… Continue reading How to help bereaved parents

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Don’t take today for granted

Spring break has arrived. We still have areas of three feet of snow. So much for spring, eh? So today we are inside. The house is hopping. We have an old child VHS tape playing “Songs from yesteryear or something like that…” My two year old is happier than can be sitting on the couch…… Continue reading Don’t take today for granted