Why I will no longer be doing selfies….as if the picture was not proof positive enough.


I am usually behind the camera so the few pictures we do have of me are poorly timed shots where my face is distorted and makes for a comical picture. While I would love to have some professionally done shots to post on my author page, for now I have to settle for silly selfies and my goofy grins and closed eyes for pictures. The day will come when there will no photo bombs by my children. The day will come where I will actually pay somebody to do a professional shot of myself, but for now I will settle.

I will settle and be happy to do so. I am learning to be content. So to my children I am sorry you will only have these types of pictures of your mom to look at for years to come, but at least I can say you are loved.

So to those of you who can get great selfies, go for it!  I have tried and have failed miserably.  I will continue to take candid snapshots of my loves, but will not be doing any more selfies for the sake of mankind.





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