Mirror, mirror on the wall….


“Do your kids all have the same father?”

“Just how many kids do you have?”

“Don’t you know what causes that?”

It is easy see a mom without her husband  and assume that her children have different fathers (even if mine all are blond haired blue-eyed children) or that she is on assistance of some sort. I have heard the whispers and comments made under their breath.  I can feel their stares. I get uncomfortable. In fact, I have gotten angry.

But wait.

Please do not feel bad for me. I am guilty of judging, too. We all do. Yes, even you.

While some may say I have a ‘right’ to feel angry about the preconceived notions others may have of my family, that is not necessary the right attitude.

These feelings are captured perfectly in the words of a post by my blogger friend, Jami Amerine, of Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors 

She writes about her own experience when she in a Starbucks with her own children that have different fathers-gasp!  But wait….read her story before you judge her situation in her post.



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