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Duct tape + cardboard = family entertainment



Northern Michigan. Winter time. Sounds cold, right? 

Winter tends to get really cold and snowy.  By January of this year we already had close to seven feet of snow and with it being March we have had many more since then. However, living in a cold climate does not mean being stuck inside all winter long. There are many things to do for fun. We ski, snowmobile, sled, ice fish, snow shoe, and much more…..

It is easy to get bored if you do not find things to do. Because, face it you can spend all your time outside in the winter. There will be times you have to be inside.  It is easy to find yourself in a rut watching television during the winter months. Instead, we try to get creative with our time and limited resources, one of these events is the “cardboard classic.” At a local ski resort every year they hold a race called the “cardboard classic”, which the participants must create a sled using only tape and cardboard to make a sled. Then you race down the hill in this event organized by the ski resort.

Last year, Brian created a biplane to race in the race. Plane is pictured below with my son inside. My husband, design engineer by trade, can take all credit for this sled. From drawing up the concept, designing it, the creation, and the detailing; it was all him. Hours were spent preparing the sled in an unheated basement, with periodic check ups from me. It was neat to see a pile of cardboard turn into the tank.



The race was yesterday. We took two sleds. The tank and a more plain sled for our son who just wanted to race for speed, not looks. Overall, his efforts played off nicely. We came home with the best design trophy (made of cardboard, of course) and 3rd place medal for speed (cardboard, too). It was all in good fun. We have the trophy and medal proudly displayed with last years. As my son said, “Mommy, today was the best day ever…”

Cost to enter = nothing

Cost of materials = nothing

Cost of glue and paint = $20

Reaction = priceless

This is just one benefit to living in a small northern Michigan town. Remember, my post a few weeks ago on why you should live in a small town? This is just one reason. Homegrown, hometown entertainment.






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