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A stranger, the country road, and the hesitation…..

Quiet country road. Mid afternoon. No traffic. Scruffy-looking stranger standing along side the road. You are the only one on the road. He motions for you to pull over. Do you stop?  The scenario is real. It happened Friday afternoon as I was heading  to town to pick up my four oldest children. I had…… Continue reading A stranger, the country road, and the hesitation…..

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Raising a son

My son. Master Lego builder. Creative genius. Entrepreneurial spirit. Mama’s boy. Daddy’s right hand man. Backwards shirt Inside out blue jeans Shoes on wrong feet Socks often worn for days My little man is home sick from school today.  He is the kid who runs fresh from the bath right outside to a dirt pile.…… Continue reading Raising a son

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Don’t take today for granted

Spring break has arrived. We still have areas of three feet of snow. So much for spring, eh? So today we are inside. The house is hopping. We have an old child VHS tape playing “Songs from yesteryear or something like that…” My two year old is happier than can be sitting on the couch…… Continue reading Don’t take today for granted

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Turn down the volume on your life

  Even in trying to unwind you are still doing something. How often do you sit still? No television, phones, nothing. No noise. My life has been overwhelmingly crazy lately. I usually chalk it up to life as a mom of six. I take it in stride. I usually have a humorous approach to it. Yet,…… Continue reading Turn down the volume on your life

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Welcome to the jungle

Back in the day one of my favorite songs was “Welcome to the Jungle” by GUNS N’ ROSES. The song was playing in my head this morning as I was laughing about the start to my day. 4:20 am.: My dear husband’s alarm goes off for work. 4:40: He puts on his Carthartt jumpsuit to go…… Continue reading Welcome to the jungle

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Day 20: Praying for your husband

  Praying for my husband is an privilege and an honor.  There is not anyone else on this earth who can pray for my husband like I can.  I know his heart, his fears, his worries…his joy.  I am his best friend.  I know him like no one else.  And I can storm the gates…… Continue reading Day 20: Praying for your husband