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How to help bereaved parents

Grief is uncomfortable.  It is awkward when you do not know what to say. Below is a list to guide you on things you should and should not say to a bereaved parent.   Please do not tell a bereaved parent: Don’t say “heaven has gained another angel.” That does not help. Don’t say “at…… Continue reading How to help bereaved parents

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31 Days of Prayer for your Husband

  “She does him good . . .” (Proverbs 31:12a) Bless your husband by praying for him! The Apostle Paul instructed all Christians to pray for one another (Ephesians 6:18). This includes wives’ responsibility and privilege to pray for their husbands. Earnest prayer for your husband is good for him, for you and the spiritual…… Continue reading 31 Days of Prayer for your Husband

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Mom, mom, mommy, mother?

MOM! MOM! MOM! Kid #1 “Mom, mom, mommy” Kid #3 interrupting kid #1, “MOM!” Kid #6 “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy” (interrupting all the others) Me:” Quit mommying me to death.” Kid #1 “Mom?” Me: “I changed my name. I will no longer answer to anything you previously called me” Kids: “To what? Mommy, mom, mother,…… Continue reading Mom, mom, mommy, mother?

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Daily dose of inspiration and motivation

As a mom of six children and as a wife I am busy.  In my downtime I love to read the blogs of others that are faith-based stories about real life. It is inspirational to see faith played out in the lives of others. A while ago in my blog search I found myself reading…… Continue reading Daily dose of inspiration and motivation

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Winter blues….

  The clang clang clang of soaked winter gear in the the dryer is deafening. The sun is shining in through all the windows.  Two children napping and three resting after an afternoon of playing outside.  Three giggling girls came in soaking wet all the way to the skin from their playing. They came in…… Continue reading Winter blues….

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Christianity, social media, and politics

Social media wars, such as twitter wars and facebook debates have gotten out of control. Snapchat and instagram are guilty of doing this, also. You have all seen them, whether you agree with them or roll your eyes in disgust, they exist. And they are not going anywhere. My own facebook news feed has been flooded…… Continue reading Christianity, social media, and politics



Contentment: The state of happiness and satisfaction. This is a definition applicable to many different things. One can be satisfied after baking a cake because they are happy with the results.  One can be happy with how their children behaved at the supermarket.  Or one could be satisfied with the status of their financial portfolio.…… Continue reading Contentment