Don’t not be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else

    Better to be a lone duck, then to be like everybody else.   We were all created uniquely with different talents, features, and personalities. You were created to do great things. God knew you before you were born. Do not fall into the sinful ways of the world. Romans 12:2 Don’t copy the…… Continue reading Don’t not be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else

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Mama-take a break! You deserve it!

Beep. Beep. Beep. 3:40 my husband’s alarm went off Its spring break here. My kids were all sleeping. Silence. Solitude. I knew I would have at least three hours before my kids woke up for the day. Instead of falling back asleep I took full advantage of the quiet time.  My body was aching for…… Continue reading Mama-take a break! You deserve it!

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Day 6: Praying for your husband

Praising God and praying His will for your spouse is guaranteed to be one of the most rewarding opportunities as a wife.  Would you be willing to commit to join us for the rest of the month as we pray for our spouses? Day 6 Pray that your husband will love righteousness and hate wickedness, especially…… Continue reading Day 6: Praying for your husband

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Christianity, social media, and politics

Social media wars, such as twitter wars and facebook debates have gotten out of control. Snapchat and instagram are guilty of doing this, also. You have all seen them, whether you agree with them or roll your eyes in disgust, they exist. And they are not going anywhere. My own facebook news feed has been flooded…… Continue reading Christianity, social media, and politics

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I Will Carry You

“There were photographs I wanted to take. Things I wanted to show you Sing sweet lullabies, wipe your teary eyes Who could love you like this? People say that I am brave but I’m not But there’s a greater story Written long before me Because He loves you like this”  (Selah, I Will Carry You)…… Continue reading I Will Carry You



Contentment: The state of happiness and satisfaction. This is a definition applicable to many different things. One can be satisfied after baking a cake because they are happy with the results.  One can be happy with how their children behaved at the supermarket.  Or one could be satisfied with the status of their financial portfolio.…… Continue reading Contentment