Impulse buying: The Downfall of Every Budget and Tips on How to Prevent It

I make good money, I just don’t know where it goes! I had to put it on my credit card because I ran out of money! I just had to buy that (insert any item) because it was (on sale, only one left)! I love a good sale! What is Impulse Buying? By definition, impulse…… Continue reading Impulse buying: The Downfall of Every Budget and Tips on How to Prevent It

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Blogs I love

As a blogger I believe it is important for me personally to read other blogs. Equally as important I will often share content I feel is important. While I have limited time, I do have blogs that I read on a regular basis. These are blogs that I follow on a regular basis. Included are…… Continue reading Blogs I love

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New beginnings

Cold. Snowy. This scene is in my backyard, except we have four more more feet of snow covering the ground. There is something about snow. It is so clean and crisp. It reminds me of a blank sheet of paper begging to be written on. I love the dawn of each new day for its…… Continue reading New beginnings

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Not the Joneses

We are a two parent household with six children under the age of twelve living on one income. I am a former teacher and have been home for eleven years as a stay-at-home mom.  Being on one income has taken a lot of hard work over the past eleven years in order for me to…… Continue reading Not the Joneses

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Frugal tips

  The average American family has credit card debt of just over $16,000 and total overall debt of $132,000. What? That is crazy!  I hate debt. We have no credit cards. We quit using them years ago.  We have no student loans either.  We do have a mortgage and I cannot wait until the day…… Continue reading Frugal tips