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Tips For a Healthier Lifestyle

After birthing seven children and basically not taking care of myself the way I should, I realized I needed to start taking my health more seriously.  However, I was overwhelmed by all the information to wade through. I knew that I needed somebody knowledgeable to mentor me,  so I decided to seek the wisdom and…… Continue reading Tips For a Healthier Lifestyle

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Blogs I love

As a blogger I believe it is important for me personally to read other blogs. Equally as important I will often share content I feel is important. While I have limited time, I do have blogs that I read on a regular basis. These are blogs that I follow on a regular basis. Included are…… Continue reading Blogs I love

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Making healthier choices.

Health and fitness. Nutrition. Diets. Weight loss programs. Heading to the gym. Perfect workouts. Eat this not that. Low carb. High protein. Bariatric surgery.  No GMO’s. There is a myriad of information floating around out there on the internet. All proclaim to have the answer when it comes to health, fitness, and nutrition and it…… Continue reading Making healthier choices.