Awkward moments as a mom

“Mommy, are you pooping? Good job Mommy! I pwoud of you!”

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Mom, mom, mommy, mother?

MOM! MOM! MOM! Kid #1 “Mom, mom, mommy” Kid #3 interrupting kid #1, “MOM!” Kid #6 “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy” (interrupting all the others) Me:” Quit mommying me to death.” Kid #1 “Mom?” Me: “I changed my name. I will no longer answer to anything you previously called me” Kids: “To what? Mommy, mom, mother,…… Continue reading Mom, mom, mommy, mother?

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Daily dose of inspiration and motivation

As a mom of six children and as a wife I am busy.  In my downtime I love to read the blogs of others that are faith-based stories about real life. It is inspirational to see faith played out in the lives of others. A while ago in my blog search I found myself reading…… Continue reading Daily dose of inspiration and motivation


The funniest things

Being a mother to six children has presented itself with many opportunities for various emotions over the years.  We have had our share of angry outbursts, sad days, joyful moments, over-the-top excitement, and frustration to last a lifetime.  However, one action in particular is my favorite and that is laughter. Children are naturally inquisitive and…… Continue reading The funniest things