Mommylicious, Chief Receiver of Complaints.”

My day began when the baby dropped an entire cup of Cheerios¬†all over our stairs. Because I was busy making breakfast, ¬†I gave the broom and dust pan to my nine year old son and had asked him to sweep it up. Ten minutes later my son was in the kitchen, sitting on the bar…… Continue reading Mommylicious, Chief Receiver of Complaints.”

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Turn down the volume on your life

  Life is busy. Life can become chaotic. Too much busyness can cause stress. Stress is not healthy for your mental, emotional, physical, or your spiritual health. How do you unwind? Run? Eat? Pray? Read? Talk to somebody? Sleep? Even in trying to unwind you are still doing something. How often do you sit still?…… Continue reading Turn down the volume on your life

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Mom, mom, mommy, mother?

MOM! MOM! MOM! Kid #1 “Mom, mom, mommy” Kid #3 interrupting kid #1, “MOM!” Kid #6 “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy” (interrupting all the others) Me:” Quit mommying me to death.” Kid #1 “Mom?” Me: “I changed my name. I will no longer answer to anything you previously called me” Kids: “To what? Mommy, mom, mother,…… Continue reading Mom, mom, mommy, mother?