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Guest Post: The Savvy Traveler on a Budget

  I remember shortly after my boyfriend started dating, he said to me, “You know, you’re kind of a baller for being a teacher.”  While I appreciated the compliment (I expected to go my entire life without being called a “baller”), I wondered if he was insinuating that I maybe spend a little bit more…… Continue reading Guest Post: The Savvy Traveler on a Budget


Benefits of using online retailers to buy groceries

My family is limited when it comes to buying groceries in our small town. We have one grocery store, two dollar stores, and two gas stations. Not many options…. However, I find that if  I run to the local grocery store I tend to spend more money. The problem with running to the grocery store…… Continue reading Benefits of using online retailers to buy groceries

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Frugal Thursday ramblings

Dinner had been done and the kitchen was cleaned hours ago, when my  husband mentioned that he needed more food for his snack day tomorrow at the office. In the corporate office where my husband works the guys are on snack rotation every Friday. Tomorrow happens to be his. He had already made jalapeno roll-ups…… Continue reading Frugal Thursday ramblings

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Some frugal tips for your Monday

Soups and stews are a great way top use up leftovers, get your veggies, and stay within a budget.  We have been on a huge soup kick here at my house. Cheesy potato soup, chili, and tortilla soup have been in my crock pot lately.  I can make a 5 qt. crock pot of soup…… Continue reading Some frugal tips for your Monday

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Frugal Monday munchies

  This morning slipped away from me and before I knew it was lunch time.  My two little girls had tart cherry smoothies, whole wheat bread, a plain salad (we’re dealing with picky eaters), blueberry breakfast bar, and sliced apples. Simple, cost effective and took less than ten minutes to prepare. If you are looking…… Continue reading Frugal Monday munchies