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Meal planning and other Sunday randomness

I had some time this afternoon to get some meal prep done for the week ahead.  My 11 year old daughter I and worked together while the rest of the kids napped or played outside. After church on Sundays I typically am exhausted and tend to do more mundane chores around the house. However, today…… Continue reading Meal planning and other Sunday randomness

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Frugal Monday munchies

  This morning slipped away from me and before I knew it was lunch time.  My two little girls had tart cherry smoothies, whole wheat bread, a plain salad (we’re dealing with picky eaters), blueberry breakfast bar, and sliced apples. Simple, cost effective and took less than ten minutes to prepare. If you are looking…… Continue reading Frugal Monday munchies


Nine Quick and Easy Frugal Snacks for Children

Hard boiled eggs. Make them on Sunday and eat them all week long. Possible combinations using a tortilla shell. Pepperoni, sliced turkey, and cheese. Peanut butter or soy butter with a bit of jam or sliced bananas. Hummus and cucumbers. Refried beans, chopped green pepper, and cheese.  Think outside the box, there are many possibly…… Continue reading Nine Quick and Easy Frugal Snacks for Children