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Frugal Thursday ramblings

Dinner had been done and the kitchen was cleaned hours ago, when my  husband mentioned that he needed more food for his snack day tomorrow at the office. In the corporate office where my husband works the guys are on snack rotation every Friday. Tomorrow happens to be his. He had already made jalapeno roll-ups…… Continue reading Frugal Thursday ramblings

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Some frugal tips for your Monday

Soups and stews are a great way top use up leftovers, get your veggies, and stay within a budget.  We have been on a huge soup kick here at my house. Cheesy potato soup, chili, and tortilla soup have been in my crock pot lately.  I can make a 5 qt. crock pot of soup…… Continue reading Some frugal tips for your Monday

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Best cleaning product ever, read the review!

This product has been a staple at my house for many years. Currently, I have three bottles in my home in different locations.  First of all, I do not get paid to give my reviews.  I just love the product that much I want to share it with others. This is their product description taken…… Continue reading Best cleaning product ever, read the review!